For startups


1991 Open Data Incubator supports startups, offering expertise, industry insights and knowledge via tailored incubation programs


In 1991, startups grow with the help of the leading mentors from Ukraine and overseas. Mentors offer teamwide and personal consultations on business development, marketing, IT and data-related topics.


Within the incubation program, startups boost their financial literacy and advised on their financial model. With 1991, several options are possible: raising an investment round, incorporating with state-owned enterprise, creating an NGO for insuring further grant support.


1991 is a place for startups, state bodies and businesses come together and collaborate. We work with state agencies at all levels, advocating startup-government cooperation. Same with business: we encourage pilot projects on corporate innovations.


With the help of 1991, startups get extensive media coverage. We know the importance of telling good&meaningful stories. Thus, we do our best to make sure our residents make it to the leading local and regional media pages.


The Incubator’s major goal is to build strong and lasting startup ties. 1991 residents become members of a growing community of peers, mentors, alumni, and IT volunteers, who share the same values. This allows to find entrepreneurs nearby and build meaningful connections.


Last but not the leasts, an incubator is a comfy place to work in. Once enrolled in a program, startup gets an access to modern Kyiv office, event space, rooms for Skype calls and quick catch-up team sessions.